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The Guards Look 'T' Posed. by EssMan009
The Guards Look 'T' Posed.
These are only examples, I want you to try and not only emulate them, but come up with some of your own. To help with this I just want you to ask yourself, "How would I (or a family member, or a friend) react to being in this situation?" then you need to try and map that feeling into a pony's pose.

Thank you for posting to Equestrian Academy, I hope this helps!
The Scepter Surely Challenges The Laws of Physics. by EssMan009
The Scepter Surely Challenges The Laws of Physics.
This is a little example of how I'd imagine Trixie would both hold the scepter and how she might act in victory. She'd be almost expectant than in reverie. Another thing, if you still happen to be in the hardware store and haven't gotten kicked out due to dropping a heavy mallet on the ground, I want you to now hold the mallet like Trixie is in this picture. Crook it in your arm, and let it rest on your chest, this becomes easier the closer the heavy part gets to your arm. You should (and by proxy, Trixie should) hold the mallet as close to your center of gravity as possible.
How the scepter challenges the laws of physics. by EssMan009
How the scepter challenges the laws of physics.
My explanation here is admittedly rather confusing. What I was trying to say is that the scepter Trixie is holding would be far too heavy to just hold in her wrist with her arm outstretched like that. Unless of course the gem was fake, or was made of paper. But this is Trixie we're talking about so it's most likely a pure ruby of some kind. A ruby the size of a pony head would likely be heavier than the pony herself. If you'd like a real world example of what I'm trying to say, head to your local hardware store and find a mallet, a proper construction mallet. Now I want you to try and hold it up by only using one hand, keeping it outstretched, and holding it at the end of the stick (on the other side of the heavy end). It should be pretty hard, but not impossible. Now, I want you to let it tilt by about 20 degrees, it would suddenly become much harder.
Hexedecimal RainbowMoon - Suggestions by EssMan009
Hexedecimal RainbowMoon - Suggestions
Rainbow's posing, compilation, expression and lighting is perfect, however, the rest of the scene could use some fixing up.

The moon and stars should be in focus, as well as rainbow, even though it feels illogical. I feel as though being able to clearly see what Rainbow Dash is seeing would add to the scene. If you search for night time landscapes you'll find that at every point the moon and stars are in focus. This is because they are main elements in the scene. I personally suggest removing the blur entirely.

The main question to consider is "What are the main elements of the picture?"
In this case, the main elements are Rwinbow Dash and Rainbow Dash's focus, the moon. As such, both should be in focus, and since there really isn't any logic in making the sky not blurry, but the horison blurry, the best solution is to remove the blur.

One more suggestion I'll have to give is the fact that the grass shouldn't be so orderly, grass is, by its nature, disorganised, and those lines you can see there are more suited for farms and crops. If you wan to keep the organised feel, you can replace the grass with Appletrees or even wheat.

The last suggestion for this picture is for the elements in the horison, since the horison is not a main element of the scene, this isn't really important, but I think it could look more lively if you added some mountains, or continued the trees across. Either way, this is not that important, and it can be left alone.

Another point to consider is the Rule of Thirds, as any photographer would tell you, the Rule of Thirds is an integral part of any and all photography or rendering.
To see the next part of the critique, click here.
The Darkest of Souls by EssMan009
The Darkest of Souls
The image of my first episode of my let's play into Dark Souls 3! This is the let's play in question.

I found this funny.

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